Tom Foty was born in Minneapolis. He was raised and currently resides in beautiful Minnetonka, Minnesota With his wife Wendy.

“I love to try to capture in all it’s beauty on canvas in 2 dimension what God has already created in 3 dimension.”

Tom’s abilities as an artist have been evident from early on in his life. He began selling his work at the age of fourteen and continued on to purse his dream of art as a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Tom attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.


Tom Returned to Minneapolis where he has successfully established himself as a prolific painter. His passion for color, lighting and composition is apparent in his work.

Tom’s work consists of fine artworks in figures, portraits, landscapes, Which has appeared in local, national and international markets.

His Paintings have been featured in both, the editorial and corporate markets, as well as the publishing industry. He has worked with many prominent clients , including the New York Times, Disney, Harcourt Publishing, and numerous others.


See a Tom Foty original come to fruition as you watch a true artist paint a stunning piece. The client for this painting and video was a local church in Minneapolis, Minnesota and based on John 21:5-6